Ghost in the Shell

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Dr. Ouelet: We cling to memories as if they define us, but they don't. What we do is what defines us.

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Trivia: The first movie cut version of the score for Ghost In The Shell was done by Clint Mansell, Kevin Riepl and Kiner, and Lorn. However due to test screenings, the majority of the work was dropped due to the audiences negative reaction towards the scenes with philosophical elements and the ending of the film. Thus Lorne Balfe was ask to do the replacement score for the new cut of the movie and the movie score soundtrack by Clint Mansell was canned. Yet in both versions, Kevin Kiner's music was stilled used. However, for legal reasons, the complete score for the film will never be released. Despite that, Lorne Balfe's music work was released of late December 2017 through Facebook by wav download link.

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Question: This movie is one of a few I've seen to display the title twice during the opening credits. It appears in a plain font at the start of the credits, then appears in a more stylized font at the end of the credits. Why do some movies do this? It seems a little redundant.


Answer: A lot of movies will put a title card at the end of the film before the credits. It's usually to cap off the movie so that it's the last thing you see or think about when you leave (especially back in the day when you didn't sit around to watch for an extra scene). They want it to be redundant so you don't forget (repetition is the key to learning). Most movies (if not all) also have the movie's name at the very end of all the credits too. But I assume for copyright or other legal reasons, the same way a book publisher might print the book's title on every page of the book.


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