Sliver (1993)

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Corrected entry: When Sharon Stone is looking at all the cameras, flicking through everyone's apartments, isn't it weird how EVERYONE is doing something really interesting? No-one's just watching TV or sleeping or listening to music - everyone's having emotional problems or having sex or dancing. Even the people in the bathroom are on the phone or looking in the mirror REALLY closely and pulling odd faces.

Correction: The way the scene is edited, we are not sure how long she is looking. It is at least hours. While it is a little forced, it's not like she was sitting there for only ten minutes.

Corrected entry: We can see William Baldwin looking at Sharon Stone in her bathroom through his fixed cameras. But, sometimes the camera is tracking her round.

Correction: There are surveillance cameras that can do that - they track the largest moving object in the room.

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After Naomi is thrown from her balcony in the beginning, the blood on her face has beaded down her face and is staining her blouse. This is impossible being that the injuries she received happened less than a second before and she landed face down after going through the glass, so the blood couldn't have ran down her face in that direction.