Sliver (1993)

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Corrected entry: When Sharon Stone is looking at all the cameras, flicking through everyone's apartments, isn't it weird how EVERYONE is doing something really interesting? No-one's just watching TV or sleeping or listening to music - everyone's having emotional problems or having sex or dancing. Even the people in the bathroom are on the phone or looking in the mirror REALLY closely and pulling odd faces.

Correction: The way the scene is edited, we are not sure how long she is looking. It is at least hours. While it is a little forced, it's not like she was sitting there for only ten minutes.

Correction: There are surveillance cameras that can do that - they track the largest moving object in the room.

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Carly Norris: You've been spending too much time with your vibrator.
Judy Marks: I certainly have - I've been getting a plastic yeast infection.

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