Arrival II

Arrival II (1998)

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Continuity mistake: Sandra and her strong man are pursuing Jack and Bridget. They almost catch up to them and bang up both sides of their wagon in the car chase. Bridget and Jack escape, with eventually Sandra and company in pursuit a way behind them, tracking them on an alien computer. When they reach the power plant where Jack and Bridget are, their car has no damage at all. (01:18:20 - 01:29:05)


Other mistake: Jack is rescued by Bridget at the train station where he is being pursued by Sandra (an alien). Bridget shows up in her car and drives him away so Sandra cannot catch him. But Sandra and Bridget have never met. How could she know Sandra was a threat? Even more confounding, how did Bridget know to find Jack at the train station? He was randomly thereafter jumping out of the car he was being abducted in. (00:50:30)


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Character mistake: At the radio store a sign shown to Jack when he asks if they take personal checks is misspelled. It says "personnal." (00:58:55)


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