Factual error: Major Carlysle's medal ribbons have been sewn on upside down. The Queen's South Africa Medal should be worn first, followed by the King's South Africa Medal, and the KSAM bars should be green-white-orange, not orange-white-green (the QSAM is symmetrical, so looks the same either way up). Sgt Major Saunders, on the other hand, is wearing his medals correctly.


Factual error: Sergeant-Major Saunders is wearing sergeant's stripes. Corporals Drake and Levin are wearing no rank insignia at all.


Arjan van Diemen: During the war, me and my men would cut off the trigger fingers of the bravest British officers we captured - only the bravest, mind, the ones most worthy of respect. Do you understand that? That's what I did to people I respected.
Kereama: Doesn't leave much hope for me then, does it?
Arjan van Diemen: Hope kills fools like you every day.

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