The Accountant

The Accountant (2016)

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Factual error: When Medina and the IRS Agent are searching through the database to check Paul's Laundromat's tax return, it's mentioned that Paul's Laundromat is a partnership, with Christian Wolff as a managing partner. However, the tax return shown on the screen is a Form Schedule C which is a form filed with a personal 1040 tax return. A partnership should be using Form 1065 with a schedule K1 to flow through to a form 1040. (01:18:17)

Continuity mistake: During the meeting in the conference room, shots of the reflection of Ben Affleck show he isn't wearing glasses and keeps moving his head, whereas in the shots of him directly he almost never moves his head and is always wearing glasses.

Brax: When you interrupt somebody like that, it makes them feel that you're just not interested in what they have to say. Or maybe you think what you have to say is just more important that what I have to say. Is that what you think?

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