The Accountant
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Young Chris' Father: Aggression, correctly channeled, overcomes a lot of flaws. Tapping into that aggression requires peeling back several layers of yourself.

Neurologist: Your son is different.
Young Chris' Father: Sooner or later, different scares people.

Brax: When you interrupt somebody like that, it makes them feel that you're just not interested in what they have to say. Or maybe you think what you have to say is just more important that what I have to say. Is that what you think?

Brax: I love it when people tell me how to do my job.

Christian Wolff: My father was an officer in the army. Psychological operations. He was concerned that I might be taken advantage of somehow, so he arranged for me to train with a number of specialists throughout my childhood. We lived in 34 homes in 17 years.
Dana Cummings: You moved 34 times?
Christian Wolff: Mm-hm.
Dana Cummings: God, that's extraordinary. I'm sure it must have been difficult. I haven't been anywhere. Well, Cancun - not my proudest moment.

Rita Blackburn: Cummings... you're needed in... whatever area I'm paying you to be needed in.

Christian Wolff: Pulls to the left. You might consider using a round with a superior ballistic coefficient.

Ray King: Say you're the head of the Sinaloa Cartel. Now the cartels count their money by weighing it in eighteen wheelers. But one sunny Mexican day, your in-house money scrubber comes to you and says you're 30 million light. Who can you trust to do the forensic accounting to track your stolen cash? Deloitte and Touche? H and R Block?

Dana Cummings: Why would your clients follow you? You're an accountant.

Ray King: I spent my whole life only recognizing my lucky breaks after they were gone.

Christian Wolff: Kill Christian Wolff. Transfer all domestic accounts overseas.

Neurologist: What if we're wrong? What if we've been using the wrong tests to quantify intelligence in our children with autism? Your son's not less than, he's different. Now your expectations for you son may change over time. They might include marriage, children, self-sufficiency, and they might not. But I guarantee you, if we let the world set expectations for our children, they'll stay low... and they'll stay there.

Factual error: The Department of the Treasury seal on the podium at press conferences list the date of the Department of the Treasury on the bottom of the seal as 1788. The Department of the Treasury was actual established on September 2, 1789.


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