Sixteen Candles

Corrected entry: In the party scene at Jake's house when Tracy says "I'm sorry I don't do that." she catches the long pearl necklace she is wearing on the stairway banister and it breaks. In the next scene when she is crawling on the floor to cut Caroline's hair free from Jake's door it is intact around her neck.

Correction: She's wearing 2 pearl necklaces. She only broke 1.

Corrected entry: In the party scene Carolyn's girlfriends are drunk and walking down a flight of stairs. One of the girls is wearing a long strand of pearls (presumably Jake's mother's pearls), the necklace gets stuck on the post at the bottom of the stairs and rips apart, spilling pearls all over the floor. In the next scene the drunk girls are crawling up to where Carolyn is stuck in the doorway and the necklace is whole again.

Correction: If you look real close or put it in slow motion, you can see that she is wearing 2 strands of pearls. Only one breaks on the stairs.

Corrected entry: They make the point that Ted can't take the prom queen home in Jake's car because he does not know how to drive a stick shift (Jake's Porsche) so Ted takes her home in Jake's dad's Rolls-Royce. Later in the movie when Jake shows up at the wedding, you can see that the Porsche is an automatic as he shifts it into drive.

Correction: The 944 Jake Ryan drove in to the church parking lot had a standard (stick shift) transmission. If you listen to the engine, he is shifting in to first gear and easing off the clutch (engine revving high RPM), not putting the car in to drive.

Corrected entry: When Samantha is in independent study, the word confidential is spelt incorrectly on the questionnaire it's spelt "CONFIDENTAIL".

Correction: Character error. Not a filming mistake


Correction: There is no Shermer in Illinois. That fictional town/city may be the setting of these movies, but even that's not trivia, as people make up locations all the time (i.e., Derry, Maine for some Stephen King flicks, Kindle County for Presumed Innocent). As for the fact that actors work together on more than one movie with the same director, far too common a practice to be considered trivia.

K.C. Sierra

WarGames had nothing to do with Shermer Illinois That took place in Seattle, Washington then Oregon and Colorado. Nothing in Illinois.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Ginny and the rest of the family leave for the church you see a dog running in front of the house and over to Duk, then cuts to the family. They discover Long Duk Dong passed out on the grass in front of the house. Grampa fred walks up to Duk with the rest of the men, takes a wiff and exclaims Canine colone. The original scene was to show the dog taking a pee on Duk right before the men find him.

Correction: This is not technically a mistake, more of a trivia item, there are other logical reasons for him to say "canine colone."

Corrected entry: Does anyone really believe that Farmer Ted had his headgear with him the whole night? He's wearing it in the Rolls-Royce with the "hot chick" the next morning.

Correction: Speaking as someone who had to wear headgear, yes, Farmer Ted probably did have it with him all night. Most people are supposed to wear it all the time. His parents most likely made him wear it out of the house and he took it off once outside like most teens would. Plus, I know I only wore mine at night when no one could see me.

Corrected entry: Why wouldn't Carolyn just ask Jake to open up the bedroom door so she can get her hair out of it? Surely, being her boyfriend, he wouldn't refuse. Wasn't cutting it off a little extreme...even if you are really drunk?

Correction: Carolyn did knock on the door for Jake to open it right after she got her hair stuck in it. He ignored the knocking on the door. Besides, they were all plastered out of their minds-so cutting the hair might seem a logical next step for them.

Corrected entry: The prom queen has the hank of hair that was cut off at the party with her in the car with Anthony Michael Hall's character. But she did not bring it with her when she left party. Neither did A.M Hall.

Correction: The night before, when they are in the car in the garage, jake tosses her hair onto her lap.

Other mistake: The chunk of hair that Ted has in the car is in a ponytail, and much longer than the hair cut off in the door.

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Long Duk Dong: No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food.

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Trivia: Director John Hughes, wrote this script in two days.

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Answer: He tells her that he is a virgin. His friends think that he is a "stud" and has had sex when he hasn't.


Answer: He hasn't "bagged a babe."

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