Morgan (2016)

2 mistakes - chronological order

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Audio problem: The chef finally gets the bright idea to fire his hunting rifle at Morgan's fleeing vehicle. In a previous scene he was grabbing ammunition for his rifle, and he also loaded it. The rounds appeared to be high power rifle ammo, probably in the 7mm Remington magnum or .30-06 range, very common hunting rounds. When he fires his rifle it sounds quieter than a suppressed shot, however he has no suppressor on the muzzle end of his weapon. (01:09:20)

Factual error: I'm not 100% on the make of the bolt action rifle Lee is carrying but I know it contains an internal magazine of maximum 5 bullets. She opens the bolt, and no empty shell casing flies out, and for some unknown and stupid reason loads only one round into the chamber. Single shot bolt action rifles are usually very antiquated and hers isn't, or they are very large anti-material rifles with huge calibers of .50 BMG like the Steyr. (01:13:00)

Morgan: You were right Lee they weren't my friends except Amy.

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