Suicide Squad

Continuity mistake: While the Squad is patrolling the city, the ends of Harley's bunches keep changing in style; they are straight when she's changing at the prison and on the helicopter with the Squad, really curled after Rick kills someone, then jump between straight and slightly curled for the rest of the film, with the exception of the end scene where she hasn't got her hair in bunches anymore, but a different hairstyle.

Continuity mistake: In the extended cut of the movie, during the final fight with the Enchantress, Harley Quinn hits her in the head with her baseball bat. A couple of shots after that are inverted, you can see it because she should be wearing the blue part of her pants and ponytail to her left side, but in these shots, the blue side is the right one.


Continuity mistake: After Harley hits her head against the bars of the cell, her body and face change position between shots.


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