Kong: Skull Island

Corrected entry: During the final fight between Kong and the big Skull Crawler, Kong has the girl in his right hand. The Skull Crawler wraps its tongue around Kong's right arm, the fight ensues. Kong rears back and pulls the Skull Crawler's tongue and insides out of its mouth, still holding the girl. Point of view cuts to foreground and we see the Skull Crawler fall, lifeless, to the ground while Kong standing in background with his right hand open. Seconds later, Kong opens his right hand to set the girl down.

Correction: Kong used his left hand to grab then throw the Skull Crawler behind him. His right hand was still holding the girl.

Corrected entry: On the ship there are six helicopters, 1 at the front, 4 in the middle and 1 at the back, but when they take off and fly to the island there are now 11 helicopters and an infinite number of soldiers.

Correction: There are a total of nine helicopters. One in front, five on the main deck, and three on the aft deck (including the two in the hangar).



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