Other mistake: When Jakes shoots the two men on the porch of the saloon at the same time, he never aims high enough to hit either of them in the chest, as shown. At best, he would have hit them in the knee but no higher.

Other mistake: When Jake gets his horse back during the shootout at McKendrick's ranch, McKendrick's men have the horse in a stall in a barn unsaddled but still wearing a bit, bridle and reins. With a bit in its mouth a horse can't eat or drink naturally, and anyone who knew anything about horses would never stall one while it was still wearing them.

Other mistake: In the gunshot scene at the McKendrick's, a man with a sling on his arm is shot in the chest. He raises the arm, and though some blood can be seen on the sling, there is no blood or even a bullet hole on his chest. (01:48:15)

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Cobb's mean attack Emmitt, Mal shoots one of the men in the hand. The shot pauses long enough to show that hand is quite a cheap, plastic-looking fake prop hand.


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Sheriff Cobb: We'll give you a fair trial - followed by a first-class hangin'.

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Question: I am sure that when I watched Silverado many years ago that Cobb's men, after capturing Emmett, used a rock or stone to break the bones in his gun hand to render him harmless. The DVD I have does not have this scene - if it ever existed.

Answer: I first saw this film in a theater, and later on DVD and TV, and I don't recall the scene you described. If his hand had been injured that way, the injury would have lasted throughout the entire film and that was not the case. Perhaps you're confusing this with another movie.

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