The Man Who Knew Infinity

Factual error: Toby Jones/Littlewood is shown as an Officer in the Royal Artillery, wearing a Sam Browne belt. Artillery Officers wear a crossbelt with a fuse pouch, not a Sam Browne.

Factual error: Cambridge was never bombed by Zeppelins in WW1 as portrayed in the film.

Factual error: Dev Patel is standing in front of Trinity College's statue of Issac Newton. Directly behind the statue is a marble wall with names carved into it. This wall is a list of the members of the college who died in World War II. It would not have existed in 1914.

Marcus Scott

Continuity mistake: In the first scene with Stephen Fry, Narayana mentions the construction of the bridge and sarcastly repeats the title of "Sir Francis." Fry has a pen in hand, no pen in the side view, again a pen back to the previous angle. (00:05:10)


G.H. Hardy: There are no proofs nor underlying laws that can determine the outcome of matters of the heart. Of that I'm sure.

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