10 Cloverfield Lane

The devastating attack outside the bunker is real, proven when a scarred woman desperately tries to get in, but dies. Howard is a murderer - the photo he showed Michelle of his "daughter" is actually of a young girl who went missing. Michelle and Emmet secretly get together the parts to build a protective suit, but Howard suspects something when he finds scissors. Emmet says he was trying to make a weapon, claims sole responsibility and is shot by Howard.

Michelle continues work on the suit but is discovered by Howard. She knocks over a barrel of acid, injuring him and accidentally starting a fire. She escapes through the air ducts and out of a hatch - upon seeing birds she realises that the air is not toxic and removes the helmet. However an alien spacecraft appears, attracted by the explosion. It releases toxic gas, forcing her to put the helmet back on, then when trying to take shelter in a car it starts pulling the vehicle into itself. Making a molotov cocktail from a bottle of spirits, she heaves it into an opening on the ship, causing it to release the car and crash. Driving away, she hears a voice on the radio saying the southern seaboard has been retaken - telling survivors to head to Baton Rouge and anyone with combat or medical experience to go to Houston. Michelle starts driving to Houston.

Jon Sandys

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