Continuity mistake: When Samuel Jackson is about to be shot by the two corrupt cops, the Vanessa Williams character comes up from behind and shoots the black one in the head and he falls down. Then, they show her talking, and the same black man's arm and partial shoulder are in the shot.

Continuity mistake: When that Latin drug dealer got hit by the car with the two brothers of the waitress inside, you can see that the glass gets broken. But in the next shot, where the brothers step out of the car, the glass is whole.

Continuity mistake: When Shaft and Peoples have the final duel at the end of the movie, you'll notice Shaft has a holster across his right arm and there is a gun in it. When he grabs for the gun, he reaches into the holster, but when they get the close up of him pulling the gun out, you can clearly see he is reaching under his shirt, and the holster's disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Watch Shaft's goatee. The strip of hair running vertically under his lip constantly changes in thickness throughout the movie. At one point it will be wide and in the next scene it will be noticeably thinner only to change back to wide in the following scene.

Visible crew/equipment: While People's brother is waiting in the car he gets shot in the head. If you slow the scene you can see an empty blood sack near the back of the window.

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Trivia: In the Lenox Lounge, the old white-bearded man playing chess and smoking a pipe is the director of the 1971 version of Shaft, Gordon Parks, doing his cameo.

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