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Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

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Corrected entry: In the last scene, when Orlock is going to suck Gretta's blood, the actress screams that she can't see his reflection in the mirror. In the 1922 film, however, his reflection is quite visible.

Correction: This movie is not an accurate historical piece. It uses facets of the 1922 filming of Nosferatu as a basis for a fictional "what if" story in which the actor Max Schreck (who plays Orlok) is an ACTUAL vampire. In order to convey this in the story his reflection does not appear in the mirror thus making Gretta scream. In the 1922 film Max Schreck was, however, a real person who did not drink the blood of his co-stars and had a visible reflection.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gustav and Count Orlock are discussing the real estate contract, the locket that falls out of the bag first shows a photo of Greta, but in the next shot, it is a painting that looks completely different.

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F.W. Murnau: I will not allow you to destroy my picture.
Max Schreck: This is hardly your picture any longer.

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