Factual error: During the Mike Webster autopsy, Dr Omalu asks Gracie for Mike's CT Scan of the brain again, but what she holds up is a MRI film, not CT. Then after interpreting the displayed MRI Dr. Omalu tells Gracie that this brain should be a mess, but it looks completely normal. Whereas the MRI shown by Gracie reveals several abnormalities like brain atrophy and degeneration due to complications of previous disease process. (00:27:45 - 00:28:30)

Ganesan Krishnan

Factual error: When Dr. Omalu is talking with Mrs. Waters, we are briefly given a shot of her entertainment console. Next to Dr. Omalu's head you can see a Blu-Ray disc player. Since most of this film takes place in late 2002, this is impossible because the modern Blu-Ray format wasn't even released until mid 2006. (01:09:35)

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