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Corrected entry: When Steph is waiting for the babysitter, and Gordon walks into her apartment, we hear her saying on the phone "Yeah, flight's at nine". But when Gordon takes the kid back to his apartment, and they are watching the time tick by, the clocks reads somewhere around seven o'clock.

Correction: Stephanie tells Daisy, "flight's at 9:00...tonight." Later, right after Stephanie leaves in the van going to the airport, we see Gordon, Benny, and James watching TV in Stephanie's apartment. When Daisy calls about the food poisoning the clock on Stephanie's wall shows that it's almost 7:00 PM, while we know Stephanie is headed to the airport to make her 9:00 PM flight. There's no inconsistency.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning right before Gordon (David Arquette) does his thing with Spike, Tyson, and so on, he gets out of the truck and has one of those funky African helmets on, but when he is doing his thing with the dog, he has a backwards mailman hat on.

Correction: Before the hat changes, he is putting on all sorts of gear, couldn't he have just changed his hat while doing this?


Corrected entry: In the scene where Gordon takes Spot to the park for the first time, a thief is trying to steal a womans purse. The women shout for help and state that the thief is stealing her purse. Spot chases the thief and eventually returns the purse to the woman. When Gordan trys to apologise to the women (as he thinks Spot is stealing the purse)you realise they are deaf and cannot explain to Gordon that Spot was helping them. If they were deaf they wouldnt have been able to shout for help or explain why they needed help, especially not as as they shouted it.

Correction: If you look carefully, you see a lady wearing a green shirt behind the two deaf people looking around and shouting: "Help. Help. He stole their purse." it's not actually them Shouting.

Factual error: When Stephanie gets in the back of the zoo wagon, she discovers a zebra back there. Then all of a sudden the zebra toots and the flames go way out of the back of the trailer. In real life that wouldn't happen because the gas doesn't come out of your rear end fast enough to have that happen.

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Neighbor: Hey, shutup down there.
Gordon: I'm covered in ca-ca.

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