Victor Frankenstein
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Igor: It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never known kindness.

Baron Bomine: Can you make another?
Victor Von Frankenstein: I can and a whole lot more.
Baron Bomine: I dream of an un-killable army a thousand strong.

Victor Von Frankenstein: Oh my brother Henry forgive me. I have wronged you, for this is not life. This is not life. You are not live. Live.

Victor Von Frankenstein: Since the beginning of modern medicine, there has been an assumption regarding the status of mortality. That being that death is an unavoidable event, the inevitability of which we should take for granted. I will show today that life is not some grace bestowed upon us by some outdated notion of an all-powerful.
Finnegan: Get on with it.

Inspector Turpin: You shall be forgotten. That's right. History will bury you, Frankenstein, and no man will remember your name.

Victor Von Frankenstein: Igor, you and I shall be at the heart of a scientific enterprise that will change the world. We shall create life out of death.

Victor Von Frankenstein: Life is temporary, why should death be any different.

Inspector Turpin: Be careful Mr. Frankenstein, you toy with wrathful forces. And there's no mercy in nature.

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