Night Train to Lisbon

After Raimund has seen and heard everyone and everything that answers most of his questions, he gets ready to board the train back to Switzerland, but his new optometrist friend, Mariana, says to him, in her whispery voice, "Why don't you just stay?" And the film ends with them both standing on the train platform, facing each other, with the words hanging in the air, unanswered.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, as Raimund is crossing the bridge in the rain, his umbrella turns inside out, but as it flies away to the river, it is not turned.


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Amadeu: A decisive moment of life, when its direction changes forever, are not always marked by large and shown dramatics. In truth, the dramatic moments of a life determining experience are often unbelievable, low key. When it unfolds its revolutionary effects and insures that life is revealed in a brand new light, it does that silently. And in this wonderful silence resides its special nobility.

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