Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Continuity mistake: In order for Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman to break into the secret room, they knock it down. Four enemies who were waiting for them in front of the door are crushed by the falling door and blood is splattered, forming a pool of blood in front of the door. During the fight that follows, there are several shots where the knocked over door is shown, but the pool of blood at the front of the door has vanished. (00:07:10)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: Once Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman break into the secret room in the bunker, they begin fighting with the enemies inside. The enemy with the leopard claws scratches Wonder Woman's back, leaving a long claw mark along her back. Just over a minute later, after Trevor arrives, the claw mark has vanished. (00:07:25 - 00:08:40)

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Other mistake: After Dr. Palmer and his friend Ryan have placed the miniature horses in the back of his truck, he drives off. After this, a robot runs past Ryan chasing after Dr. Palmer. The robot takes a shortcut through a forest and then leaps off a very tall cliff, but somehow Dr. Palmer's truck is directly below, driving at the bottom of the cliff, despite only driving off a couple of seconds ago. (00:13:30)

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