Sinister 2

After attacking Deputy So-and-So, Zach and the ghost children chase Courtney and Dylan through the house, throwing random objects around as they go. Before Zach can kill his mother or Dylan, Deputy So-and-So shows up and destroys Zach's camera. Frantic, he runs downstairs to search for another, but no other camera is available. The ghost children inform Zach that Bughuul is going to be "really mad" and Bughuul appears behind Zach, crumbling him to dust and taking him into the projected image on the wall as the house catches fire. Courtney, the deputy, and Dylan run outside to watch the house burn down completely. They then drive into town, where the deputy stops at a motel to pick up his belongings. A ham radio from earlier in the movie has been placed in the room, whispering his name. Bughuul appears in front of the camera and the scene cuts to black.

Elizabeth Mehling

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