Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes (2015)

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With Roger recovering from a serious reaction to several wasp stings, Mr. Holmes bequeaths his farmhouse and bees to his housekeeper and son, upon his death. The final scene shows Mr. Holmes setting up a Zen meditation rock circle on the top of the hill overlooking the sea. In the middle of the rock circle, Mr. Holmes is seen beginning meditation and prayers.


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SPOILER: The boy, Roger, finds a glove in a secret drawer in Mr. Holmes' room. The glove is lying perfectly flat in the drawer. It had supposedly been there for years unknown to Mr. Holmes. Later, in a flashback scene, it shows Dr. Watson putting the glove in the drawer. When he puts the glove in the secret drawer, it is not laid flat in the drawer - it has an obvious upward bend in the glove. Since the glove had been in the drawer, untouched, for years, it should have still had that upward bend.