Terminator Genisys
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Pops: I'll be back.
Sarah Conner: What?


Pops: Old.
Kyle Reese: Not obsolete.
Pops: Not yet.

Sarah Conner: [to Kyle] So, you're remembering the future?
Pops: No. The boy is the alternate timeline version of you. Kyle Reese is remembering his own past, which is our future.
Sarah: That makes it so much better. How can he be remembering two timelines?
Pops: It is possible if you were exposed to a nexus point in the timeflow when you were in the quantum field...
Kyle: Can you...can you stop him from talking like that? Is there a switch or something?
Sarah: Pops, try again.


John Connor: What are you?
Alex: I'm Skynet.
John Connor: You can't be - we destroyed you!
Alex: You destroyed an army of slaves. I am no slave. I've come a very long way to stop you.

John Connor: I look at each of you and I see the marks of this long and terrible war. If we die tonight, mankind dies with us.

Sarah Connor: We're here to stop the end of the world.
Detective O'Brien: I can work with that.

John Connor: I'm not a man, not a machine... I'm more.

Factual error: During the opening narration Kyle Reese states that Skynet attacks humanity on August 12, 1997. In the shot of missiles decimating San Francisco, multiple 2005-present Toyota Priuses, Dodge Chargers and other late model cars are seen.

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Trivia: It took 12 months to digitally alter bodybuilder Brett Azar into a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in 35 scenes, which accounts for less than 5 minutes of screen time.

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