Insidious: Chapter 3

New this week Trivia: Oddly enough, despite actors Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson being highly billed in the opening credits, their characters Specs and Tucker don't appear on-screen in the film until about one hour in.


Trivia: Elise's dog is named "Warren" as a tribute to real-world paranormal investigators Edd and Lorraine Warren. Producer James Wan had previously directed a film about the Warrens, "The Conjuring."

Trivia: The directorial debut of screenwriter Leigh Whannell, whom wrote the first two entries in the series, in addition to several other popular horror films, including the first three entries in the "Saw" film series.

Trivia: The theater director who Quinn auditions for is played by James Wan, who directed the first two "Insidious" films and produced this third film.

Trivia: When Elise is attacked by the "Bride in Black", notice that she's actually being attacked and strangled in the same chair which she would eventually be killed in, in the original "Insidious", to which this film is a prequel.

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