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The Room (2003)

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Corrected entry: Chris R holds a gun on Denny to try to get drug money he owed him. However, after Johnny and Mark take Chris R away, Claudette and Denny talk about it like Chris R owed Denny the money, like "Were you giving them to him? Selling them to him?" or "This is no way to make money."


Correction: Denny says over and over he owed Chris R money. It was just Claudette who was trying to understand the situation because Denny says he bought drugs off the guy but that he doesn't have the drugs any more. So she wants to know what Denny did with the drugs, she knows it's not Chris R who owes Denny money.


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When Johnny and Mark save Denny from Chris R., they claim they are taking Chris R. to the police station. However, they re-appear in the scene almost immediately after (within 2 minutes of screentime, which is meant to be in real-time), with their having been obviously nowhere near enough time for them to have taken Chris R. to the police and done the appropriate interviews/paperwork.



Director Tommy Wiseau shot the film using a dual camera-rig. He shot the film on both a 35mm film camera and an (at the time) new HD movie-camera, both mounted to the same rig so they could more-or-less get similar angles, as he didn't quite understand the differences in the mediums and wanted to experiment shooting the film with both simultaneously.