Far from the Madding Crowd

Continuity mistake: Near to the end Gabriel Oak leaves the farm and as he leaves his cottage he is dressed in a white shirt, cream trousers and a dark waistcoat. When Bathsheba Everdene catches up with him on the road he has completely changed his clothes and is now dressed predominantly in blue.

Factual error: On horseback, Bathsheba pursues Gabriel, and asks him not to abandon her. He mounts her horse, and helps her up, sitting behind him. The shot only shows her top half, because she is obviously standing on some sort of lift. Neither actor's effort is appropriate for lifting someone off the ground onto the back of a horse.

Bruce Trestrail Premium member

Continuity mistake: This is early in the "Ask me" ending as Bathsheba asks Gabriel to wait. Gabriel's hand placement on his walking stick changes in the next shot. His left hand was resting on top of his right then moves to more his wrist in the next shot.

Mentrik Tjen

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