San Andreas

Continuity mistake: When the Hoover Dam starts collapsing, we see that the side where Kim, the girl and Dr. Lawrence are goes off first, but in the next brief shot, the other side of the dam appears to go off first and then the trio's side.

Roman Curiel

Continuity mistake: When they steal the truck at the mall they have to hot wire it to make it start. Later at the San Andreas fault scene where the road ends, in the same truck, he turns the truck off with the key.

Continuity mistake: The helicopter appears to crash into the store in Bakersfield sideways (the rotors chop through the roof vertically), however in the interior shot, the helicopter is horizontal.

manthabeat Premium member

Continuity mistake: The older brother cuts his leg on falling glass. The cut in one scene is on his inside left leg by the seam of his trousers, next scene the cut is on the top of his leg and the glass piece is a lot bigger.

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