The Homesman

The Homesman (2014)


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Mary Bee Cuddy: I live uncommonly alone.

Tabitha Hutchinson: Who is Mary Bee Cuddy?
George Briggs: Mary Bee Cuddy was as fine a woman as ever walked. You'll never know her.
Tabitha Hutchinson: Well then, so what?
George Briggs: Oh. You are the living breathing reason she will never be lost. That's what I'm talkin'.
Tabitha Hutchinson: You're a strange man.
George Briggs: I expect I am. Why don't we marry?
Tabitha Hutchinson: Maybe.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Why not marry?
Bob Giffin: Miss Cuddy, I appreciate the offer, and the supper, the concert and all. But I cannot marry you. Will not, won't. I ain't perfect, but you are too bossy. And too damn plain.

George Briggs: Your mothers and your sisters and your wives and your daughters will curse your broke-dick souls.

Mary Bee Cuddy: You are a poor specimen of a man, Vester Belknap.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Perhaps you don't realise what a grand thing you're doing taking these poor, helpless women home. If you don't, I assure you, I do. This might be the finest, most generous act of your life.

George Briggs: You're gonna meet three kinds of people out here. You're gonna meet wagon trains that don't want to see crazy people. You're gonna meet freighters who will surely rape you. And you're gonna meet Indians who will kill you, and then rape you after they kill me.

George Briggs: Three crazy women for five weeks is a lot more than I bargained for.

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