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Corrected entry: After Dom and Brian crash the Prince's car through the wall, they come to a stop. Next shot shows the elevator door opening and Shaw walks out. How did Shaw know that the team was in Abu Dhabi and for that matter what building plus what floor they were on?

Correction: Shaw is an expert tracker and "a shadow" "capable of slipping in and out of places without being detected" all this just shows he is tracking the team and following them.

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Corrected entry: By the time Roman leaves the plane he is miles off course if not a couple of hundred miles off course, even with the guided GPS he still wouldn't make it to the landing site.

Correction: To suggest that he could be "a couple of hundred" miles off course is complete rubbish. Planes have an average cruising speed of around 550mph or 9.2 miles per minute. Given that Rome was at max, 4 minutes later out he could only be 36 miles off course. Now, as We never see Roman's chute open, we don't know when it was opened. If opened high enough it is entirely possible for the chute to guide him back on course.

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Corrected entry: When Brian jumps from the back of the bus, Letty pulls up at speed to save him. Just before the bus flips over she was right next to it, so she should have been right behind the bus, but she pulls up as if she was way behind it.

Correction: The bus flips over and travels a long way down the road. Upon seeing the bus has flipped, Letty, a sensible and skilled driver, backs off to avoid debris. When the bus starts to go over the cliff, she speeds down the road to save Brian.

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Corrected entry: During the head on crash with the Aston Martin and the Charger near the end, none of the Aston's airbags deploy. (01:38:00)

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Correction: It is revealed that the Aston Martin was heavily modified and reinforced to be an unfair fight. It's entirely plausible that Shaw disabled several of the car's safety features during this modification.

Corrected entry: When Dom goes to the hospital to see Hobbs, Elena lists Hobbs injuries saying he "shattered his collarbone, fractured his leg in two places." When the camera pans to Hobbs, he is lying in bed with no bandages or a harness anywhere near his clavicle. His shoulders look just fine. The cast is on his forearm instead. (00:18:05 - 00:19:00)


Correction: I broke a collarbone in a motorcycle accident. I didn't get a harness or bandages, either. You can't put a cast on clavicles.


Corrected entry: In the scene when the transport is going over the cliff, and the challenger is spinning around to catch Brian, the overhead shot shows a spoiler on the trunk lid. In the next shot when Brian grabs for the car, it's a bar.

Correction: The Challenger has both a spoiler on the trunk, and crash bars below the trunk, protecting the tail end. The crash bars are what Brian grabbed onto.


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