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Luke Seacord: I'd never hurt you. If you'd just give me the chance - to show you that I'd never hurt you.
Sarah Deakins: That's right, I'd never hurt you, because I feel nothing for you, Luke.

Vincent Stevens: Marty, every fat chick has a good looking friend. Her's is probably on her way down right now.
Marty Landry: Okay yeah well what if she is the good looking friend and the really fat chick is on her way down?

Marty Landry: Why are women always talking about "fake tits" this, "fake tits" that? I mean listen girls if it's a decent boob job who fuckin' cares?

Chris Vanowen: "fatum nos iungebit" is wrong.
Detective Cohagan: How so, doctor?
Chris Vanowen: The future imperfect tense of the verb unite, iungere, is not iungebit. It's iunget. It should say "fatum nos iunget." So the person you're looking for made a classic Latin error. But I'm guessing you knew that already, too, didn't you?
Detective Cohagan: You know the phrase "fuck you?"" Germanic origin.

Anne Morris: The people you love, they're the only ones who can hurt you.

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