I Love You to Death

Trivia: Miriam Margolyes plays Kevin Kline's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only six years older than Kline.

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Rosalie Boca: We didn't do it. I swear to God we didn't. We found him outside, on the lawn.
Devo Nod: ...Right outside.
Rosalie Boca: ...He was lying there, someone had shot him, and thrown him on the lawn.
Nadja: Yeah, it was a mess.
Rosalie Boca: ...It was terrible. So we brought him inside and we... we put him in bed... and... yep... It must have been the Mafia.
Lt. Larry Schooner: Mafia?
Devo Nod: The Mafia.
Nadja: Yeah. Joey was Italian.
Rosalie Boca: He is Italian.
Devo Nod: He is Italian.



When Joey meets the girl at the disco, when he lights her cigarette, she doesn't have her drink in her hand. Her right hand stays raised, with the cigarette, the whole time; but then one shot later, she's holding her drink and cigarette.