Student Bodies

Student Bodies (1981)

Ending / spoiler

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At the school prom, Toby tries to investigate who the killer is. Eventually she realises that the killer is the headmaster, Principal Peters. He is helped by his secretary, Miss Mumsley. Toby is then chased by the two of them, along with various teachers and students, until finally she jumps out of a window. When she wakes up we discover that this has all been a dream, and there have been no murders at all. All the characters in the dream were changed from real life (eg the bitchy prom queen is in reality a kind nerd). Toby leaves hospital and is about to have sex with her boyfriend when he puts on gloves similar to the killer's in Toby's dream and strangles her. At Toby's funeral, her hands rise out of the grave to strangle her boyfriend.

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