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Corrected entry: When Chris Kyle and his wife are watching the 9/11 attacks on live TV, if you look at the lighting of the room and the lighting outside, it would appear to be at least noon. If the first attack happened at 8:46 AM New York time, it would have been 7:46 AM Texas time. Sunrise would be around 7:00 AM in September in Texas.

Correction: Chris and his wife were not watching 9/11 live, you can hear from the report on the TV that it is a recap of what had happened earlier that morning. So it is plausible that it could have been around noon when they got out of bed and turned on the TV.

Corrected entry: At a bar, a man is getting arrows thrown at his back, with a bulls eye painted on it. One arrow is thrown and it sticks in the guy's back. Cut to the next arrow being thrown, there are now multiple arrows sticking out of his back.

Correction: There is already one dart in the man's back when the shot of the dart being thrown is viewed. Thus why there is 3 darts at the end but only 2 are seen thrown.

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Taya Renae Kyle: If you think that this war isn't changing you, you're wrong. You can only circle the flames so long.



Chris Kyle did not make Chief after his first deployment. He made Chief during his fourth deployment.



The baby is obviously a "doll" as a mistake entry states. The baby that they were going to use got sick and they did not want to take up time to try to find a replacement, so they decided to go with the fake as their only viable option.