The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Corrected entry: After shooting down the fighter, Katniss's arrow count in the following scene is correct; minus one red tipped explosive arrow. The next scene, however, shows her having both of them once again.

Correction: In the scene you're describing, she starts with 4 red-tipped arrows (not 2) and after firing one, the next shots for that scene shows she has 3 left.


Corrected entry: When Katniss is shooting the first propo on the sound stage, she has both her bow and her quiver. However the scene where Bee-Tee gives her the bow is later in the movie.

Correction: These are two different bows. As far as the quiver goes, you can see the arrows are not color coded and not the ones Beetee gives her. As for the bow, Beetee makes it clear he created a prop weapon for the propaganda film, but had also created a better bow for her, one that was not just a fashion accessory.


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