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John du Pont: I do not share my mother's affection for horseflesh, I'll have you know.

John du Pont: I'm getting Dave. And I don't care how much it costs.

John du Pont: I consider you a friend. And my friends call me Eagle. Or Golden Eagle. Either of those would work. Or John. Or Coach.

Mark Schultz: I just don't wanna let you down.

John du Pont: Did you catch the fox today, Mother?

John du Pont:.
YoU're going to do great things, Mark.
Mark Schultz: I'm gonna give you everything I have.

John du Pont: Horses are stupid. Horses eat and shit. That's all they do. It's very silly. It's all very silly.

Mark Schultz: You can't buy Dave.

John du Pont: I don't care about trains, Mother. I am leading men.

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