Avengers: Age of Ultron

New today Plot hole: It is revealed that Loki's scepter is holding an infinity stone. That would mean Thanos willingly gave Loki, a trickster he doesn't even know, the only infinity stone he had at the time. That makes no sense.

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New today Suggested correction: This isn't a plot hole, merely a plot point. Thanos needs all of the infinity stones. Realistically, the mind stone alone isn't much use to Thanos, but it gives Loki an advantage in acquiring the Space Stone. By using the mind stone, Loki is able to build a team of people to help him, and turn his enemies against each other and he was very nearly successful in achieving his goal. It is also made clear in the film that Thanos and The Other can punish Loki for failure without having to be on Earth with him. Loki's fear of Thanos would keep him in line.

New today Suggested correction: Thanos used Loki to gain the Tesseract, the space stone and gave Loki the mind stone to help the Chitauri invade Earth and retrieve the space stone for him.


Factual error: After the Scarlet Witch forces Banner to become Hulk, he goes berserk in Johannesburg, South Africa. A few minutes earlier they were near the ocean at a ship scrap yard. Johannesburg is many kilometers away from any ocean.

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Suggested correction: Johannesburg, South Africa is just 1400 kilometers away from the southern most tip and 600 kilometers away from the nearest major harbor in Durban so we can assume Hulk is anywhere between 600 and 1400 kilometers away. The Hulk is able to jump great distances, depending on his rage. We've seen him jump to the tops of buildings in Avengers, and we've seen him jump onto the shoulder of a 1000 foot fire demon in Thor: Ragnarok. So anywhere between 6 and 14 jumps Hulk would be there in no time.

1000 feet is nowhere near 1000 kilometers. Your correction is somewhat valid - Hulk can jump great distances, but a 1000-km jump would be hundreds of times further than anything we've ever seen him jump before. It should still take him quite a bit of time to get to Johannesburg.

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Tony Stark: What's the vibranium for?
Ultron: I'm glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.



SPOILER - The wounds on Pietro's body change. The most noticeable one is on his right shoulder. The amount of blood decreases too.



When all the Avengers are attempting to lift Thor's hammer, Captain America is able to move it slightly. In the comics, Cap is one of the few characters noble enough to be able to lift Thor's hammer (notable others being Storm and Beta Ray Bill).