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Rob Roy (1995)

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Corrected entry: Whenever Montrose appears the soundtrack plays the (irritating) tune to a song called "Bonny Dundee". I assume the film-makers thought there was some connection between the Earls/Dukes of Montrose (whose family name was Graham), and John Graham, "Bonny Dundee" (killed 1689). There wasn't.

Correction: Maybe, but we don't know for sure. It might have been used for a completely different reason.

Corrected entry: Mary MacGregor (Rob's wife) is the real name of Jessica Lange, the actress who portrayed her.

Correction: No it's not, her birth name is Jessica Phyllis Lange.

David Mercier

Other mistake: In the scene around the camp fire, Rob Roy can be clearly seen with with plasters on his hand.

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MacDonald: I do not serve Robert McGregor. I am his friend, and count myself fortunate to claim it.

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