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Corrected entry: Whenever Montrose appears the soundtrack plays the (irritating) tune to a song called "Bonny Dundee". I assume the film-makers thought there was some connection between the Earls/Dukes of Montrose (whose family name was Graham), and John Graham, "Bonny Dundee" (killed 1689). There wasn't.

Correction: Maybe, but we don't know for sure. It might have been used for a completely different reason.


Corrected entry: Mary MacGregor (Rob's wife) is the real name of Jessica Lange, the actress who portrayed her.

Correction: No it's not, her birth name is Jessica Phyllis Lange.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, as Rob Roy is negotiating the duel, watch his hands - they switch from his sides to in front of him 2 or 3 times in different shots.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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Archibald Cunningham: He's a fair hand with a cleaver, it must be said.
Duke of Argyll: Oh, you do not think much of our highland weapons?
Archibald Cunningham: If I had to slaughter an ox, your grace, a Claymore would be my first choice.
Will Guthrie: You'd best use a musket. Save the beast a slow dying.
Archibald Cunningham: I would not need a musket for you, Guthrie.

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Question: After Mary is raped, she begins cleaning herself off in the water in front of Alasdair who immediately figures out what happened and of course wants to tell Rob, so he'll avenge her. But she's extremely adamant that Alasdair not tell Rob about it. But if she REALLY didn't want Rob to know, wouldn't she have waited until she was alone to clean herself up? I'm always confused by this, because when she tells Alasdair to keep quiet, she never seems to be hinting that she doesn't really mean what she says. On the contrary, she's very passionate about it.


Chosen answer: She wants to clean herself thoroughly ASAP, so as to avoid pregnancy (though that way doesn't work anyway); if she waited until she was alone, it would've been too late to even try.

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