The River Wild

Corrected entry: Gail skinny dips at night, facing the river bank where Maggie is waiting. Then Maggie starts barking, Gail turns around and sees Wade watching her. As Wade was in her field of vision already she wouldn't have to turn back to see him. (00:38:05)


Correction: Gail isn't facing the river bank whilst skinny dipping - she's facing into the river the whole time. There is one point where she seems to be briefly in a daydream (right after Maggie the dog comes down to the river bank and she says 'it's ok Maggie, I'll be out in a minute'), but she says that, still with her back to the river bank. It's when Maggie starts barking and growling that Gail finally turns round to see Wade standing there, watching her.

Corrected entry: If you consider how fast the river is and how high and impassable the rocks on both sides of the river are, it is obvious that it was absolutely impossible for Tom to overtake the raft and arrive at the gauntlet well in time to set up the sophisicated trap with which he finally flips over the raft.


Correction: We are shown that the four people in the raft took breaks (slept, ate etc.)and also how they weren't going at a fast speed all of the time but simply drifted sometimes, however Tom, driven by the motivation to save his son's and wife's life would have made his way down the river without breaks.


Corrected entry: After the encounter with Gail's old Buddy, Ranger Johnny, Johnny paddles off without noticing the situation Gail and her family is in. Terry starts yelling and beating up Tom for drawing a SOS sign in the sand when Johnny still is not even around the next bend and still well within hearing distance. (00:58:20)


Correction: Terry is not a very smart guy so this is a character mistake. Johnny might well have heard them fighting, but chose not to come back, which he could have done for many reasons (not wanting to meddle, not bothering to turn the kajak around, etc).


Corrected entry: It's strange that only Gail and Rourke see Tom's smoke signals but not Wade and Terry, even if the latter are somewhat distracted by the river wild. (01:19:55)


Correction: Roarke was lying on his back in the bottom of the boat having nothing to do while the others were paddling, so it's not so strange that he noticed the signals. He then alerted his mother, but of course not the other two.


Corrected entry: When Tom rescues Wade he knocks him out not to get pulled under himself, and Wade visibly turns limp under water. The moment they emerge Wade has regained full consciousness and is able to pull himself into the raft. (00:25:20)


Correction: Nothing wrong with this. People are perfectly capable of being "unconscious" for only a few seconds. Surely an underwater punch from an "everyman" like Tom would only incapacitate Wade for a few moments.

Corrected entry: If no one is allowed past Bridal Creek and down the Gauntlet then where did the burnt wood come from that Tom used to draw the hand signals on the wood.

Correction: It's not that no one is allowed past Bridal Creek, it's that no one is allowed to raft past Bridal Creek. Gail says this several times.

Continuity mistake: When Tom tells Gail he won't take part in the rafting trip and she sits down on the bed, her hair changes several times between tucked behind the ears and hanging straight in alternating shots. (00:04:35)


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Roarke: How come you're on his side?
Gail: I'm not on anybody's side, I'm on everybody's side, I'm the mother.

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Question: After Wade seemingly kills Tom, Terry scolds him, saying he had said at the start of the robbery that no-one would get hurt, but now three people (a guard, Frank and "Tom") are dead. Why does Terry wait until the "third" death to have it out with Wade?


Chosen answer: He's finally had enough of Wade's increasingly psychotic behavior and no longer trusts him. As a result of Wade's actions, their entire plan is unraveling. Terry likely knows that Wade will probably kill him as well.

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