Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
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Professor Moriarty: The needle to the last, ay, Holmes?

Dr. John H. Watson: Woman? What woman?
Sherlock Holmes: She's blonde. Five foot six, full lipped and very affectionate.
Dr. John H. Watson: Oh, really?

Professor Moriarty: Brilliant man, Sherlock Holmes. Too bad he was honest.

Sherlock Holmes: The four sections of your bomb sight fit inside these ponderous tombs, although, I must confess I shy to the thought of disemboweling a complete set of Charles Dickens.

Braun: French! English! How I hate those languages.
Mueller: Calm yourself, my dear Braun. In a short time there will be only one language.

Revealing mistake: Inventor Dr.Tobel is shown with his bomb sight. Later in the film we see the same equipment, only this time it is Sherlock Holmes' ultraviolet light apparatus. (00:22:05 - 00:45:30)

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