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Bob: I shot him in the face, twice. Then I wrapped his head in a towel, and I stabbed him in the chest in his heart, so he would bleed out, and I put him in my bathtub and watched him drain. Then I put him in an oil tank with laundry detergent and lye, and I sealed it back up.

Bob: Listen here pal, you can't come walking into people's lives and.
Eric Deeds: Listen to me. That is life. That's what it is. People, like me, coming along where you're not looking.

Bob: There are some sins that you commit that you can't come back from, you know, no matter how hard you try. You just can't. It's like the devil is waiting for your body to quit. Because he knows, he knows that he already owns your soul. And then I think maybe there's no devil. You die... and God, he says, Nah, nah you can't come in. You have to leave now. You have to leave and go away and you have to be alone. You have to be alone forever.

Cousin Marv: "Find my money." If we knew where their money was, it would mean we knew who robbed us. Which would mean we were in on it, which means they'd shoot us in the face. These fucking Chechnyans.
Bob: Chechens, Marv.
Cousin Marv: What?
Bob: They're Chechens. They're from Chechnya, but you call them Chechens.
Cousin Marv: Yeah, they're from Chechnya.
Bob: Yeah, I said that. You don't call people from Ireland Irelandians, do you?

Detective Torres: No one ever sees you coming, do they, Bob?

Nadia: You just... I mean, you just fucking shot him.
Bob: Yes, I did. Absolutely. He was gonna hurt our dog.

Bob: Are you doing something desperate? Something we can't clean up this time?

Nadia: But you're still in the life.
Bob: Me? No. No. No, no, no. I just tend the bar.

Fitz: I don't understand a fucking word you're saying. It's like you're speaking Brazilian.
Cousin Marv: It's not fucking Brazilian. Brazilians speak Portuguese.

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