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Corrected entry: Spoiler: At the end, Gally shoots Chuck, and Minho throws a spear through Gally's chest, killing him. A minute later, when Thomas looks at Gally, the spear is nowhere in sight.

Correction: I had to watch this several times on DVD, but the spear is always there. As Gally falls to his knees, dying, the end of the spear, which was at a slight angle away from his body can easily be seen because light is on it. As he turns more to the camera, the shaft is covered in shadow and blends into his dark clothing and can barely be seen, but it is there the entire time.

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Corrected entry: Early in the movie Thomas asks Newt why the Gladers simply can't scale the walls of the maze, and Newt says it's because their ladders are not tall enough. The Gladers build everything themselves, so there is absolutely no reason why they can't build a ladder that will reach the top of the walls. It's established that most of the Gladers want to escape and they have no idea that they are being watched, so there is no reason to not try, especially when Newt says they've tried everything to escape.

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Correction: Newt never says their ladders are not tall enough, he says the vines don't reach the top. Ladders won't work for that height anyway, as they would break or fall over. You would need to build scaffolds. There's probably more than 1 reason why they can't scale the walls, not just because of the height. Like Newt said; they tried everything.

Corrected entry: Spoiler: Towards the end of the movie, Gally surprises the others who had escaped through the maze before him. But all of the paths leading there had been closed when the grievers were crushed by the various concrete doors, so there was no way for Gally to get through.


Correction: Gally (as revealed in the books) was controlled by WICKED. It was all a planned variable. They would have rescued him themselves and the others wouldn't know because Gally and his group had decided to stay back.

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Ava Paige: I am sure by now you all must be very confused. Angry, frightened. I can only assure you that everything that's happened to you, everything we've done to you, it was all done for a reason.



Despite taking place for at least three years (prior to the arrival of Thomas) in an isolated post-apocalyptic setting, the boys in the Glade have professional looking hairstyles, not the least of which are Minho and Gally, who both have short hairstyles that look evenly cut and professionally maintained.