Rust and Bone
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Alain van Versch: Is that you in the photos with the orcas?
Stéphanie: Yes.
Alain van Versch: Is it your job?
Stéphanie: Yes.
Alain van Versch: I'd never have imagined.
Stéphanie: Why? Can't a whore train orcas?

Alain van Versch: Do you want to fuck?
Stéphanie: Huh?
Alain van Versch: You want to know if it still works? So, let's fuck.
Stéphanie: Just like that?
Alain van Versch: Yeah.
Stéphanie: I don't know if I can do it just like that.
Alain van Versch: When you feel like it, tell me.

Alain van Versch: What's up, Robocop?
Stéphanie: This is a circus.

Alain van Versch: Twenty-seven bones in a human hand. Certain monkeys have more. Gorillas, 32. Five in each thumb. A man has 27. You break a hand, you break a leg... after a while calcium joins it back together. It may even end up stronger than before. But break a bone in your hand and you'll see it never heals. You'll remember it at each fight, with every punch. You'll be careful. But one day... the pain will come back. Like needles. Like broken glass.

Stéphanie: What have you done with my legs?

Revealing mistake: In the first scene at the beach, where Ali carries Stephanie to the water, you can see the shadow of her legs, despite her legs being amputated.

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