The Remains of the Day

Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) and Ms. Kenton (Emma Thompson) meet again. They talk about what they've been doing lately and Lord Darlington. Stevens mentions how in his later years, Lord Darlington was often depressed and wanted to not be seen as a Nazi sympathizer and traitor. Ms. Kenton informs Stevens that she won't go back to working at Darlington Hall because she wants to stay close to her daughter who is pregnant. Stevens and Ms. Kenton say good-bye and he continues working at Darlington Hall for Mr. Lewis (Christopher Reeve).


Factual error: In the scene towards the end of the film where Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) is about to walk into the Hotel to meet Mrs Benn (Emma Thompson) for the last time a modern Nat West Bank sign is clearly visible for about three frames in the top right of the screen. The Nat West Bank did not exist in 1956, where this scene is supposed to take place. At that time it was still the National Provincial Bank and the Westminster Bank. They merged some years later.

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Miss Kenton: Why? Why, Mr. Stevens, why do you always have to hide what you feel?

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