Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games (2000)

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After the PowWow heist, Gabriel and Ashley attempt to get rid of Rudy, until she lets slip about Nick (Rudy's cellmate) getting shanked in prison--something Rudy never told her. Ashley was neither Gabriel's sister, nor his girlfriend. When Gabriel realizes that she only used him to rob the casino and was planning to backstab him, Ashley kills him. Nick suddenly reappears, alive and well. He was the true mastermind behind the heist, with Ashley recruiting the manpower, meeting Gabriel at a truck stop. Nick used Rudy as bait, because whenever he read Ashley's letters to him in prison, Rudy listened. Rudy is tied in a car, to be locked inside a freighter and driven over a cliff. But using his carjacking skills, he breaks free, hotwires the car, and crushes Nick's kness from behind. Ashley tries to stop him, but is slammed to the hood of the car. Rudy leaps out, as he sends both Ashley and the car over the cliff. He then sends the freighter with Nick still inside, over the cliff, as well. Come Christmas, Rudy plays Santa and delivers the money around to various mailboxes, before coming home to dinner with the family.

Brandon H.

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When the car is sitting in the back of the trailer there is a cable visible connected to the front of the car. In the next scene the cable is gone.



It's interesting to note that Isaac Hayes has a very minor role in the movie as the guy who notices the roaches in the food in prison. Kelso from That 70's Show is also in the movie as the guy Rudy swaps clothes with to use him as a decoy.