A Touch of Class

A Touch of Class (1973)

Ending / spoiler

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Time flies by, as does Steve's, spending less and less of it with Vicky. Vicky's meals go uneaten, until she turns into a shrewish housewife and Steve sends her a telegram, telling her it's all over. The coward's way out. Steve tries to stop the telegram, but when he rushes to the flat, he sees it on the coffee table, and, as he looks out the window, he sees Vicky, in the rain, with two large suitcases, walking away. He doesn't rush out to stop her; he doesn't do anything, except stand there, watching her walk away.


Continuity mistake: Vicky is in her office, wearing glasses, until a girl knocks on her door and walks in, and the glasses have vanished.

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Vickie Allessio: I'm beginning to sound like a wife.

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