The Real McCoy

The Real McCoy (1993)

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Corrected entry: Kim Basinger walks into the bank to check it out, and comes back out wearing a hat (issued by the bank, I guess). It wasn't there before.

Correction: Karen (Kim Basinger) is wearing a black headband when she enters the bank and throughout the interior shots. When she exits the bank, she is wearing a black head scarf with red polka dots, which can be seen in close up when she is in the car with Jack (Terence Stamp).

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J.T. Barker: Do you think that jerk Roy do a better job raising your boy than you?
Karen McCoy: At least Roy is his father. At least he has a chance of a normal life with him.
J.T. Barker: Normal? What's not normal about getting on an airplane with your mam and go down to Rio with 3 million bucks?



There is a scene where Kim Basinger's character has been paroled from prison and is taking a train from the Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA. First there is no commuter train from Athens to Atlanta and clearly this scene was shot inside a MARTA train, Atlanta's local transit system.