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The Real McCoy (1993)

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Corrected entry: Kim Basinger walks into the bank to check it out, and comes back out wearing a hat (issued by the bank, I guess). It wasn't there before.

Correction: Karen (Kim Basinger) is wearing a black headband when she enters the bank and throughout the interior shots. When she exits the bank, she is wearing a black head scarf with red polka dots, which can be seen in close up when she is in the car with Jack (Terence Stamp).

Factual error: When the robbers are breaking through the vault door, they look to be using an oxygen lance which in reality would cause that entire room to be filled with smoke and fumes in seconds.

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J.T. Barker: That's right she's your mama. You're her son. We're rich. Let's go to Rio.

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