How to Train Your Dragon 2

Corrected entry: When Hiccup first blindfolds Toothless, the piece of fabric is fully intact. But in the next shot, a small tear above Toothless' right eye suddenly appears.



Correction: There is a tear in the blindfold the entire time.

Corrected entry: In the first movie and beginning of the second, Hiccup is left handed. But when he shoots the arrow at Stoig's burning ship, he is a right hander.

Correction: I'm left-handed but I do many things right-handed, including shooting a bow.


Corrected entry: In the first movie Hiccup receives his horned helmet from his father, made from his mother's breastplate. His mother is actually very small in this movie though, so the breastplate-helmet could not have been from her.

Correction: Why not? It's not too small for her, nor was it so large that two such cups could not have fit across her chest side-by-side. Their armor in this film is designed to appear ferocious and larger than life.




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