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Corrected entry: When the US special forces team is approaching the Russian sub that a MUTO has dragged into the jungle on Hawaii, team members are wearing night vision goggles. But they are also using flashlights.

Correction: The night vision in night vision goggles can be turned off. Likely, the loss of depth perception and monochromatic display provided by night vision goggles was enough of a drawback in the jungle that they decided to use flashlights instead, but they still had to carry their goggles that they already had on somewhere; might as well do so on your head, where they go.

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Corrected entry: The military wants to use a nuclear bomb to lure the creatures away and then detonate it. They say they want it 20 miles offshore to be safe. Later in the movie, the main character manages to get on the boat with the bomb to pilot it away from San Francisco. They show the time left on the bomb is about 13 and a half minutes. He would have had to been going 90 mph to get 20 miles away in that time, and the boat he was on would have never been able to go that fast.

Correction: So he didn't make it twenty miles. They never say he did, so this isn't a mistake. Besides, twenty miles wasn't just to clear the blast radius, it was to prevent radiation from the nuclear fallout from reaching civilians and causing problems later. They'll treat radiation poisoning now, but at least no one died in the blast.

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Corrected entry: When the soldiers go to Yucca mountain to look for the other MUTO, they find a hole where it had busted out and was heading to Vegas. Why didn't they see this gigantic creature across the desert while on the way to Yucca mountain?

Correction: Apparently they arrived from the other side.

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Corrected entry: The Golden Gate Bridge is severely damaged earlier in the film, but in the shot where Godzilla gets up and re-enters the water just before the end credits, the bridge is shown intact.

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Correction: The Bay Area has 3 big bridges. The bridge seen in the last scene is the Bay Bridge which connects San Francisco to Oakland, while the Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin county.

Corrected entry: It's stated that the safe distance for the nuclear bomb would be 20 miles. Just assuming it was a one megaton bomb, the deadly pressure change shockwave would extend 30+ miles. It would be strong enough to destroy houses and kill people. The lethal radiation radius would be in the 250+ mile range. The movie says this bomb is a multi-megaton bomb so I would assume those numbers would be even greater.

Correction: Some needs to check there fact on this one. A 1 MT bomb produces a fireball about 3600 feet in radius so the area affected would be roughly 7200 feet across, less than 1 and a half miles across. It is safe to say that anyone within that area would have a very low probability of survival and most structures would be completely demolished. Structures can also be destroyed by blast and this would extend out to maybe a little over a mile or to an area about 2 miles across for concrete type buildings. Blast would knock down houses out to around 3 or 4 miles from the center of the blast. And knock out windows and cause damage to wood frame houses out to about 13 miles. So all structures within approximately 3 miles of ground zero would be destroyed and then decreasing amounts of damage out to about 13 miles. Blast out to around 5 or 6 miles could produce flying debris, glass, etc that could be lethal but shelter in a basement would protect against that.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ford and Joe return to their home in the quarantine zone 15 years after the incident, Joe sees the Happy Birthday sign that Ford made hanging on the wall. This sign was never hung, as Joe woke up early that morning, preventing Ford from hanging it.

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Correction: Joe's wife hung the sign before leaving the house.

Corrected entry: Ford Brody has blue eyes, his wife Elle has green eyes. But their son has brown eyes, which is impossible.

Correction: It's possible for blue-eyed parents to have brown-eyed children, it's just relatively rare. A good explanation is here: http://genetics.thetech.org/how-blue-eyed-parents-can-have-brown-eyed-children.

Corrected entry: The 2-star general first calls a Colonel "Captain."

Correction: Both officers in question are in the US Navy. The officer rank titles are different in the US Navy compared to the other branches. There are no Generals or Colonels in the US Navy. Instead, Rear Admiral Stenz (David Strathairn) speaks to Captain Hampton (Richard T. Jones.) A 2-Star Rear Admiral is equivalent to a Lieutenant General in the US Army. A Captain in the navy is equivalent to a Colonel in the US Army, and both wear the same symbol of rank - it's just called something else.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where the bus with the main character's kid is on the Golden Gate Bridge trying to flee. An errant missile breaks one of the massive bridge cables and blocks the path. You can see that there is enough space between the cable and tank to walk between and that is it. In the next shot, the driver floors it to escape and somehow the cable is gone.

Correction: Prior to the bus moving, the M1 backs up and moves it out of the way.

Corrected entry: Railway bridge scene Sergeant Tre Morales drops his rifle down into the valley below. The muto pops up and the two officers are lying on their backs. Sergeant Tre Morales has hands clutched firmly on the rifle he just dropped.

Correction: He dropped his flashlight, not his rifle.

Corrected entry: In the school bus scene on the Golden Gate Bridge, the bus travels northbound from San Francisco to Sausilito carrying the son of the main character. We later learn that the son ends up at Oakland Colosseum. Unless they took an unreasonably long route through the San Rafael Bridge east and then south again, they would have taken the Bay Bridge Eastboun to Oakland.

Correction: There could be any number of reasons why they took this particular route. There could have been destruction/debris in the way, they could have been directed to do so by the armed forces, etc.

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