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Corrected entry: In several scenes, Rambo is carrying an AKSU-74 assault rifle which he has taken from a slain Soviet soldier. In the scene where Rambo and his accomplice are hunkered down in a hole and see a large amount of Soviet soldiers advancing, there is a close-up of Rambo's pilfered AKSU-74, And there is an American M203 Grenade launcher attached to it. Regular soldiers in the Russian military have never been issued the M203 under-barrel grenade launcher. The correct one would have been the Soviet GP-30 grenade launcher. Also, the M203 would not fit onto the AKSU-74 without first adding a special mounting bracket.

Correction: The weapon issued in this scene is not an AKS-74U, but its supposed to resemble the AK-47 (it's neither AK-47, AK-74 or AKM, note the flash hider and space between barrel and heat shield). Some sources say it's a Maadi AKM (ARM) rifle. It's too long for the AKS-74U, doesn't have its notable flash hider and the AKS-74U didn't have a space between the heat shield and a cover for a barrel. Furthermore it has an aftermarket folding stock, probably from IMI galil ARM (but I'm not 100% sure). Second thing - the GP-30 wasn't used on the AKS-74U, the latter weapon was issued with the GSN-19 GL. Besides the GP-30 was not used until 1989, which would be anachronistic for the movie. For this something more appropriate would be the GP-20, which was used on AK-based rifles. There is no close up of the trigger guard so we cannot be sure if it is real a M203 or the Cobray MC203 37mm.

Corrected entry: Rambo manages to drive, fire and load the tank simultaneously. That would require a crew of at least 3: Commander, Driver, and Gunner. Rambo could drive the tank, and he could fire the gun, but he couldn't do both at the same time.

Correction: Soviet/Russian tanks utilize auto loaders for their main gun. It is possible to do both drive, and fire the main gun since he wasn't hand loading the main gun like they do on the American M1A2.

Corrected entry: Trautman and Rambo both repel down into the cave, Rambo climbs up out of the cave, and a 300 lb Russian soldier falls back down into the cave about 40 feet and hangs suspended in mid-air, on a rope tied to a rock. At the end of the scene, where Rambo picks up his gun and grenades, you can see the rope tied to the rock. This rock couldn't have weighed enough to support the weight of a man, and most definitely not heavy enough to stop a falling man.

Correction: That is simply your opinion and is in no way fact based. We have no idea how much the rock actually weighed or if it could support the man.

Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes of the film, a Soviet helicopter collides with the tank driven by Rambo and explodes, splashing a large amount of burning fuel all over the tank. After the collision, Rambo survives inside the tank although looking very exhausted. A tank, as many people know, is made largely of steel, a very good conductor of heat. Wouldn't the burning fuel make the interior of the tank to like a heated oven?

Correction: The tank's metal is also incredibly dense, so any heat on the outside would take a while to reach the inside. It would have certainly been warm inside, but not unbearable.

Corrected entry: After Rambo crash lands the helicopter, he and his colonel buddy start heading north-east. The Russians start heading south-east and yet they manage to run into one another.

Correction: Running into one another makes perfect sense. The helicopter is taking off from the base and heading south-east, while Rambo is heading north-east in order to head back to the area of the base and then escape. They could have easily run into one another along their paths.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning, Col. Trautman and his friends are showing around a photo of Rambo in an attempt to find him. The photo shows Rambo wearing the necklace he recieved from the girl in Rambo II. At the end of Rambo II, Rambo walks off into the wilderness so where did Trautman get such a nice photo of him wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt? (00:01:27)

Correction: Even though Rambo walks into the woods at the end of "Rambo II", he eventually returns to civilization, and he has the necklace in the third film. As we do not know what happens between the two movies, there could have been a moment after his return when someone managed to get a picture of Rambo.


Factual error: The soviet military equipment isn't all that Soviet ... e.g. the helicopter is supposed to be a "Mil-Mi 24 Hind" (Pilot and system operator sitting behind each other), in fact it's just a French "aerospatiale puma" with additional mock turrets and so on (crew sits side by side).

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Colonel Trautman: I'm sorry I got you into this Johnny.
Rambo: No you're not.

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Trivia: The riding game that Rambo participates just before the Soviet attack is called Buzkashi and is still considered to be a national sport in Afghanistan.

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