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Corrected entry: When Josh is talking to Reverend Dave in the church, he tells him there are about 80 students in his class and that he doesn't think any of them would ever step foot in any church, and the fact that no other students refused to write "God is dead" at the beginning of the philosophy class supports this statement. Roughly 70% of America's population is Christian, which would mean, statistically, at least 50 of the students in the class would be of the church-going variety. Although it helps to make Josh's swaying of his fellow students in his favor as it relates to his debate with Professor Radisson more dramatic, the idea that he would be the only Christian in a room of around 80 people at an American university is highly improbable.

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Correction: These are not 80 random US citizens. These are individuals who chose to be in the class. A person with strong enough faith in their Christianity may choose not to take his class, or drop the class when they found out who the teacher was. Additionally, it's generally looked at as 70% of households in America, not 70% of every man, woman, child, and infant. As such, parents who claim to be a Christian family may have a child who denies he or she is Christian (many atheist and agnostics were raised in religious homes). However, as Josh states, the students wouldn't set foot in a church, which doesn't exclude them from considering themselves Christians. There are those who believe in Christ and the Bible, but detest organized religions. However, all of that doesn't ultimately matter since it's just Josh's own guess based on the fact everyone wrote "God is Dead" and not based on him having asked each student or having a knowledge of their personal beliefs.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film Professor Radisson is repeatedly referred to as being an atheist when he is actually a misotheist.

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Correction: That's because he portrays himself as an atheist throughout the movie, so everybody thinks he is. Its not instill towards the end that it's discovered that he actually does believe in God, but hates him.

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